Yuriy Shylov

Managing partner at BowerCotton&Shylov LLC, Kyiv, Ukraine, Attorney at law

Yuriy started with the firm as a head of representative office in Kiev in 2015 and became a managing partner at BowerCotton&Shylov LLC  in 2018.

Yuriy specialises in sports law, dispute resolution, taxation and litigation.

He acts for many football players, coaches and clubs in their law matters.

Yuriy has very strong international connections to consult his clients on multi-jurisdictional dispute resolution and commercial transactions.

Email: yuriy.shylov@bowercotton-shylov.com

Mykhailo Fedorenko 

Executive director at BowerCotton&Shylov LLC, Kyiv, Ukraine, Attorney at law

Mykhailo started with the firm in 2018, his additional areas include Dispute resolution, Taxation and White-Collar Crime, GR.

During his legal practice, Mykhailo worked as an investigator for particularly important cases in law enforcement, an in-house legal counsel  at a private enterprise and an lawyer in leading Ukrainian law firms, and he is also an attorney at law.

Mykhailo has extensive experience in representing clients interests in state jurisdictions, controlling and law enforcement agencies, in general, economic and administrative courts of all levels and the Supreme Court, the ICAC at the UCCI.

E-mail: mykhailo.fedorenko@bowercotton-shylov.com